Eat & Drink
Posto Pubblico

28 Elgin Street
2577 7160

It’s an Italian American legend with a cool exterior that could hold it’s own on the toughest New York City streets but has a heart of gold within. No, it’s not Tony Soprano. It’s SoHo’s hottest Italian dining and drinking destination, Posto Pubblico. Exposed bricks, open kitchens and café tables set the scene for long lunches and never ending cocktail hours spent munching on homemade Sicilian pizza created from a secret family recipe, paninis made using freshly baked Italian bread and house made mozzarella cheese. Dinners are served family style with a menu created by owners, New York natives Todd Darling and Rob Spina, to bring Hong Kong a taste of authentic New York-style Italian at its best. Desserts, breads and pastries are a particular high point with enticing creations being turned out by pastry chef A.J. Bellarosa, a protégé of both Jean Georges and Joel Robuchon. Although its recipes are straight out of the old neighborhood, much of Posto’s produce is sourced right here in Hong Kong, because of the owner’s commitment to using locally grown, organic hand-picked produce to minimize their carbon footprint as well as sustainable seafood, and all-natural meats. Age-old recipes, traditional values, supporting the community. . . we’re so inspired, we’re thinking of joining the family!
We love the: Meatballs and Grandma Pie Pizza

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