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Go Gourmet Delivery

From the creators of the ever-popular Magnolia Southern private kitchen comes a unique delivery service of three fabulously delicious yet vastly different cuisines: pizza, cupcakes and Cajun food. Their Rustic Pizzas are made from only the freshest organic ingredients and can even be ordered with a veggie loaded ratatouille sauce and whole wheat crust so you can munch on this cheesy goodness completely guilt free. Upping the calorie count a bit, but well worth it, is their Ragin’ Cajun delivery menu featuring Southern comfort food favourites not found anywhere else in HK. And to cater to your sweet tooth, Sprinkles Cupcakes in a variety of flavours from Red Velvet to 24 Carrot to Death by Chocolate will arrive fresh from the oven and ready to be devoured. Order any one of the above or get a taste of all three with their special packages, featuring pizzas, salads, bbq ribs, and cupcakes. If this sounds like heaven to you, you’re not alone…we placed an order even before we finished writing this paragraph!

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